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Wild Onion Maine Coons

About Us

Maine Coon Cat Family History

Our family consists of three sons and three breeding females, one stud male, and two retired female cats. We are newer breeders going on five years of experience in the Midwest. Our breeding male and female adult cats come from purebred blood lines. We provide all documentation of proof of being purebred.

Maine Coon Mission

Our mission in breeding and caring for out kittens is to ensure they are thriving in a healthy and social environment. Our cattery is small, which enables us to devote quality time to each kitten. We raise our kittens on healthy diets, feeding them high-quality grain-free dry and wet food.

Requirements and Process of Acquiring

Our knowledge through our first-hand experience and observations is that Maine Coons need companionship in order to thrive. We feel very strongly that there be either a family member who works from home or who is generally present, or that there be companion pets in the household, either a dog or a cat. We consider this a suitable environment for our kittens. All kittens come with papers from our veterinarian with a clean bill of health and proof of vaccinations at 12 weeks of age, when they are weened from their moms and ready to go to their new adoptive homes.

About Maine Coons

Maine Coons make exceptional family pets because of their affectionate and gentle nature. They are also fascinating because of their distinctive personalities. They are sweet, tender, intelligent, engaged, playful, and always present; Maine Coons are not reclusive. Maine Coons integrate beautifully into households with pre-existing family pets.

They are wonderful companions, and will be lifelong devoted friends.

Selecting a Kitten

Left to ret , 2 females 4 males

Silber tabbies galore

Black smoke tortoiseshell female

Each of our kitten’s markings are classic and distinctive. Our breeding cats produce classic brown and silver-striped tabbies with white boots and bellies, tuxedos, white milk mustache, belly and boots, occasionally torbies, kittens with tricolor markings, white under bellies and legs.

We always encourage prospective families seeking adoption of litter mates from our cattery to consider adopting a kitten from a shelter or foster facility as an alternative companion and providing a home for an abandoned kitty. If I do not have available kittens, there are breeders I can happily refer you to.

Membership Information

I am a current member of CFA The International Cat Association.

If you would like your kitten registered, there is a $25 registration fee.