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Recommendations for litter, food, and toys

Nanette’s Top Picks For ;

Litter, Wet and Dry Cat Food, Climbing Trees, Toys Water Fountains

Amarakat is a very good manufacturer for cat climbing trees. Check out overstock.com, If you are purchasing a tree make sure your tree is covered in fleece, not faux fur, faux fur shreds and does not hold up to the kittens clawing.

Wet and Dry Food

Royal Canine, wet and dry kitten food, Wellness kitten pate

Scratching Post by SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post Climbing Tree by Amarakat.  This is a great size for a single cat. $85.00 overstock.com There are plenty of places to perch and a cubby, great for the cat to curl up in.


  1. Dia Staab

    Congrats! So glad to see this site getting the recognition it deserves, the world can always use a little more awesome.

  2. Deb Watson

    I can’t tell you how happy I am with my little Peaches. She’s been the best thing for Grace, my other cat. They get along so well and really love each other. I’m hoping next year, I’ll be able to get another baby. I can’t wait to get home at night because Peaches runs down the stairs to meet me when I come in the house, and can’t wait till I pick her up and hug her. She’s climbed up my leg a few times. Thank you again.

  3. Amy Swanson

    I live close to Chicago and I am looking for a large, striking Coon cat. Do you have any available for sale at this time?
    Thank you,
    Amy SwNson

  4. Marie Rose

    I live in a Chicago suburb, we own a miniature Goldendoodle age 5 and a shelter cat age 10. We would like to adopt a kitten.

  5. Cheryl Ralston

    I just lost my Main Coon and Bengal both at 15yo I have 2 shelter cats as well
    I was looking to replace my breeds after the summer. Would you have any silver tabbies Thank you Cheri sad in Kankakee

  6. Sharon May

    Hello have been looking for Maine coon kitten. I have tried several web sites see lot of pictures but haven’t found any kittens for sale. Could you make a suggestion of were to look.


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