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Agreement Papers for Kitten Adoption

Agreement for Adoption of a Kitten or Cat (1)

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Agreement for Adoption of Cat or Kitten Document


  1. Deb Watson

    I’ve been interested in Maine coons for some time now. I wanted to get my 3 yr old cat a companion to play with. If I could set up an appointment to come see your available kittens and then fill out adoption papers if things look good. I can be contacted at 847-525-6147

  2. Carol Lucido

    My family is interested in getting a Maine coon cat. We have a dog and a cat and my husband works from home. We recently lost a cat to cancer and our remaining cat is really missing the companionship of another cat. We feel this breed would fit our family perfectly. My mother lives with us and I have three little girls 9, 11, and 13 and two older boys. Could you please send me some more information on kittens you have and how much they would cost.

  3. Bob & Andrea Yelm

    Hi, We’re looking for another kitten to replace the one we lost.
    He was a big beautiful silver boy, who thought he was a dog.
    My husband’s heart just broke apart when we lost him. This is his 1st. time looking. He’s looking at your beautiful red kittens!
    They are just beautiful. If you could fit us in, we would appreciate the time.
    Hopefully your new kitten’s parents!


    1. Nanette Allen (Post author)

      Hello Bob and Yelm,

      I never heard back from you on you inquiry, are you still interested in an adoption of one of my Maine Coon kittens.

      I am expecting 6 litters this Spring just to inform you on your options.


      1. Karen

        Hello my name is karen I’m interested in adopting a baby!

      2. Pieter Vorster

        Hi Nanette I am interested in your kittens. Would it be possible to contact me back to confirm what all is involved making an appointment to view the kittens and the cost of them.

  4. amysharp75@gmail.com

    For some reason I cannot download the forms. I’m not sure if my Kindle is compatible. I had Maine coons when growing up and have cat friendly dogs. Could you please email the documentation

  5. Lisa Weckerle

    I am interested in adopting a male Main Coon kitten, preferably
    braun tabby/and white.

  6. tina

    Hi have a few questions for you can you contact me

  7. Kevin

    I’m very much interested in a female Maine Coon kitten. My heart broke last year when I had to put my 15-year-old Maine Coon down. I’m ready to provide a good and loving home to another.

  8. judy smith

    I am looking for 2 male coon kittens. I have lost all three of my maine coons but they lived to be 15+ years old a very rich life. I live in grand rapids Michigan with my husband who is so lost without a cat and 5 cavalier king Charles spaniels. We love the breed and are looking for black tuxedo and cameo but are open are used to solid color. we had a cameo and black and blue tuxedo.

    1. Nanette Allen (Post author)

      Hello Judy,
      Can you contact me directly please.

    2. Nanette Allen (Post author)

      Hello Judy,
      I was reviewing my comments on my website and want to make sure we connected.
      I am expecting 3 litters in May and 2 in June.
      Currently I am low on males if you are seeking to adopt two males, possibly litter mates.
      If you are, still in the market for kitten I would prefer to speak to you in person so that I can go over all the details of the adoption process and your options on coloration from upcoming litters.
      Nanette Allen
      847 682 4977

  9. Amanda Porter

    Hi my name is Amanda. I am interested in raising a Maine coon kitten. Do you have any babies that myself, my husband and my daughter may come to visit? Is that allowed? Also how much does a kitten cost? We are very interested. Particularly in a male cat. Thanks.

  10. Shavette scott

    Good morning,

    I am a cat lover who lost my cat 7/2015 at 19 years old. I had her since about 1 month old. I am so missing her. She was very well behaved and smart. I just heard of Maine coons and I am now interested in one. My cat was mostly white with patches of Gray and black. I would like to have a white, Gray, or red (orange) color. How can I get more information on your adoption process, cost, etc.? I like in the south suburb of Illinois, near chicago. Thanks for your time.

  11. Nancy Henske

    My best furry confidant tortoise shell Candy became an angel cat on September 16th. She was a rescue cat whenever she was 1 1/2 years old. I miss her so very much. I have a friend that had 3 Maine coons in Georgia and I fell in love with them. I am interested in a kitten this time around.
    I seen that you had a tortoiseshell female ready in November or December. I am not interested in breeding her just loving her and giving her a great home as an inside cat in my country home!

  12. Joann

    Hi, my family is looking for a retired female. Do you have any available?

  13. Susan Moloney

    My husband and I are interested in adopting a Maine Coon. We are catless after our 18 year old Manx passed in 2013.
    We are going to be in Chicago October 25-30. Would it be possible to meet with you during that time?

    Thank you!

  14. Bekah Moss

    I recently lost my 8 year old male maine coon cat. He was a brown tabby. I have a spayed 9 year old female maine coon who is sollid grey and white. I am heartbroken at the loss and am hunting for a male maine coon. please call me anytime at 217-799-2441.so we a schedule a visit to pick out a kitten. I am a retired RN and disabled vet. I loved that cat so much and is is painful to only have Abby around.

  15. Connie Becker

    Hi, I sent u an email a few days ago but have yet to hear back from you.


  16. Stephenie Kelley

    I was interested in adding to our family and now it’s time. We are curious on prices and we’re wanting 2 kittens. Please let me know what I have to do to obtain another family addition.

  17. Kat Mitchell

    I have completed your application and would like to visit. I would like to adopt in May, 2018 and figured I should be starting the process soon.
    Please let me know when I can visit and learn more. I am in Lincoln Park.

  18. Lori Van Meter

    I am interesting in purchasing a kitten for my daughter and her husband. How do I go about doing that?


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